19 photos of a colorful Shiba Inu among the flowers

A Shiba-Inu dog becomes the muse of a Japanese photographer. These photos will delight you.

Japanese Masayo Ishizuki is a photographer. She tries to highlight the symbols of her country with a very well found combination. These are the emblematic flower fields of its region as well as a breed of dog native to Japan, the Shiba-Inu.

Hachi has therefore become the favorite model of the photographer who never ceases to immerse him in magnificent expanses of flowers.

Here are 19 photos of Hachi , the Shiba-Inu, in fields of flowers.

1. A Shiba-Inu illuminated by sunflowers

2. The fields of daffodils are a bright yellow that makes him smile to the teeth.

3. Lavender has its own festival in Japan and this Shiba-Inu has already ushered in the festivities

4. The glowing cypress trees of the Japanese hills

5. If Hachi sticks out his tongue, it is because he is in heaven every time he goes to the flowery fields.

6. Hachi visited all tourist areas in Ibaraki, Japan

7. Hachi will know how to serve as a guide for anyone who would like to discover the region

8. These dives in the fields remind him of swimming in the sea.

9. Hachi made a new 4-legged friend

10. The sun invites itself to the photo shoot

11. The hills colored by tulips and lavender

12. Dogs know how to appreciate the beauty of plants and flowers

13. Each day of the Hachi week is reserved for a variety of flower

14. He admires the view and enjoys the great outdoors

15. Lavender fields and their sweet smell

16. A connoisseur

17. This dog is certainly not lacking in vitamin D

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18. Hachi is up to try photos under his 2 profiles

19. As long as he’s wearing his pretty bow tie that he loves


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