Following the mistreatment he suffered, this dog remains scared at the very idea of leaving his cage

The reaction of the dog appearing in the video in question here speaks volumes about the ordeal he has lived for a long time. He had only known life in a cage until then and was puzzled when he finally had the opportunity to be free. This nightmare was that of many Beagles in India, until the coming into force of a law protecting them.

Shortly after the directive came into effect, a group of 64 dogs were released from one of these labs, according to The Dodo . They were all Beagles . A liberation experienced as a huge victory for animal rights activists in India.

The reaction of one of these quadrupeds marked the spirits at the time. The scene was filmed by a volunteer, Chinthana Gopinath , who later posted it on Facebook. The Beagle in question was in a transport cage on the ground, with the door open . He who did not know freedom, suddenly had the possibility of going out , but he was too afraid to do so .

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Like its congeners, this dog had only known confinement until then. It took them a long time to learn to lead a normal life. A free life …


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