Teach his dog the command to “get out”

Illustration : "Apprendre l'ordre

when the dog does “bolt roll”, it will roll to its side. It’s easy to teach her how to do it; You just need to motivate him and make him happy, just like every new exercise. Any exercise is good before you start. Every new trick of teaching dogs is a new opportunity to spend time together, communicate and strengthen contacts. It is also a good way to attract his intelligence, improve his coordination, let him work physically and give him fun. In this case, learning “rolling bolt” brings many interesting moments. How can we ensure that he complies with this order? We show you a simple way to do this.

bolt rolling: what’s the point?

“bolted connection” is certainly not a basic order, such as “sleeper”, “sitting” or “Parking”, but it may arouse some interest.

Its playfulness gives owners and dogs the opportunity to share good times and strengthen their ties.


are the same as any exercise. Whether necessary or not, “bolt rolling” helps to improve the dog’s compliance. In addition, it also stimulates it from three aspects: physical, psychological and emotional.

before starting to practice

, you should first carefully choose where you will conduct your first training. Choose a quiet place away from things that may interfere or distract your attention. Start indoors, in a room in the house, then outdoors (garden, terrace, courtyard, etc.) during the meeting, and then consider holding the meeting in public places such as parks.

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and plan a series of candy. In order not to destroy his diet balance, you can extract snacks from his daily ration. These candies will help motivate your dog in sports.

starts from a non hard surface: carpet, carpet… The prerequisite for

to learn “rolling”, and the “sleeper” must be fully mastered by your dog, Because this is the starting position and the position for the dog to wait for your command.


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bolt rolling method puts the dog in the supine position. Put the candy between her index finger and thumb so that she can see the candy clearly. Put your hands on the side of the dog. He’ll stare at her and turn around. Tell him to “get out” and put down the candy in his direction. Let him lie on the ground following your gesture (especially the candy). Follow the motion and let it roll by itself. If he is not born, gently help him with the other hand. When finished, give him the croquet and congratulate him. Repeat several times. In the next few classes, let him ride twice in a row until the end of the second round. During treatment, extend the course of treatment, but don’t let him do too much to avoid making him uncomfortable (limited to 3 or 4). Slowly take out the candy so that your dog will only obey the “rolling” command and the gesture. “KDSPS”“KDSPE”

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