What is the pathology of acupoint compression therapy in dogs?

Illustration : "Quelles pathologies du chien soigner avec l'acupression ?" and

acupoint pressing technology can be applied to various diseases of dogs.

Abstract: acupoint pressing in

dogs can be summarized as weakening the immune system, joint pain, spasm, pressure, anxiety and fear. Are there contraindications to breathing problems? The

method developed thousands of years ago, acupoint pressing is not only used for people, but also for dogs. Energy balance and stimulating the body’s self-healing process are the main principles. Let’s review its main indications… The acupuncture of

dogs is summarized as

acupuncture refers to acupuncture with fingertips rather than needles. The acupoints and areas are the same as those on the acupuncture chart.


are part of the treatment practice of traditional Chinese medicine and are used to treat dogs with various diseases. She helps him by restoring the circulation of Qi and blood.

in practice, acupuncturists are either veterinarians trained in acupuncture or animal owners who can learn basic knowledge, applying slight pressure on specific parts with their fingers.

is a method of detecting symptom related energy blockages and imbalances to correct these blockages and imbalances and restore energy harmony.

weakens the immune system

Acupoint pressing can strengthen the natural defenses of dogs that lack them.

specifically, acupoint pressing supports the dog’s immune system by activating blood and lymphatic circulation. By doing so, its goal is to reduce its physical vulnerability to viruses, bacteria and diseases.

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acupressure is also used to help older dogs maintain mobility under joint problems such as osteoarthritis.


refer to digital massage and pressure in specific areas,


acupressure is also used to reduce spasticity in dogs, including spasticity causing nausea and other dyspepsia.

Acupoints commonly used to relieve spasms and digestive diseases are located in the legs and solar plexus.

stress, anxiety and fear

dogs are stressed due to disturbing conditions such as moving or changes in family composition (death, newborn, arrival of another animal…) can be treated by acupoint pressing.

animals injured by some noise can also receive acupoint care.

this practice works on the nervous system, especially by slightly relieving pressure between the skull and the eyes.

respiratory problems

is used to improve the symptoms of dogs with airway problems (such as asthma) in combination with appropriate drug treatment or treatment specified by veterinarians.Is there any contraindication for pressing with dog

at home?

is a natural method. Acupoint pressing is not harmful to the health of dogs. However, as a precaution, avoid using it on pregnant bitches. In addition, under no circumstances can it replace the antipsychotic treatment prescribed by the veterinarian. She’s here to finish it. “

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