An owner abandons his dog to the groomer, unconsciously he will sublimate his existence!

Accompanied by an animal whose condition seemed alarming, an owner asks that one groom and cut the claws of his dog. He claims to have forgotten his personal effects, a pretext to allow him to escape his responsibilities, the man runs away and abandons his dog. Luckily, the groomer offers the canine a future of choice!

Dog grooming center, Canine To Five in Detroit recently had to deal with an abandonment case . The owner of a Pitbull-Boxer cross had requested nail care and a bath for his dog. On the pretext of forgetting his wallet, the owner left the premises never to return to collect it . The staff of the sign had on their arms a shy dog, the victim of obvious malnutrition and covered with fleas .

10 days of free babysitting by adopting Debo

As you can read on the Facebook post, a very detailed description of Debo’s profile as well as his main characteristics have been published, with a view to finding him an adoptive family . A family that will appreciate their “ love for people ”. What’s more, Debo had all of his vaccines up to date . As a bonus, he seemed to get along wonderfully with the 3 cats in the center .

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Better, Liz Blondy offered 10 days of free babysitting in its 3 stores to whoever would come to pick it up. His new adoptive parents did not need this gratuity to come and pick up Debo .He went from a deep state of sadness and abandonment to that of being surrounded by love, ” concludes Canine To Five .


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