Specific, specialist in veterinary food for dogs and cats, presents its new range

Illustration : "Specific, spécialiste de l’alimentation vétérinaire pour chiens et chats, présente sa nouvelle gamme" © Specific

Quality fish, ingredients coming exclusively from Europe and an eco-responsible approach at all levels… The new petfood Specific range reinvents veterinary food for dogs and cats.”

Veterinary quality food is a separate category, where absolutely nothing should be left to chance. These products are developed to preserve the health of the dog or cat, and must be in line with the recommendations of the veterinarian. The new Specific range has been designed to meet the highest requirements in this field.”

Starting with the choice of ingredients used in manufacturing and especially fish. The latter is, in fact, the flagship product of the range. Caught mainly off the coast of Ireland, Scotland, Norway and France, it is present in 3 forms in Specific products: dehydrated for a high concentration of protein (Atlantic blue whiting), hydrolyzed proteins for hypoallergenic foods (salmon from Norway and Scotland), fish oil (cod liver and anchovies) for omega-3 fatty acids. Not to mention krill, known for its richness in protein, and algae, generous in trace elements.”

By the way, 100% of the fish included in specific dog and cat recipes are Marine Stewardship Council / IFFO RS Standard certified.”

The new specific veterinary foods are also simpler products to recognize and clear and transparent compositions. The brand has, in fact, chosen to declare the ingredients by name rather than by category on the packaging. The reading of the constituents is therefore considerably facilitated.”

Speaking of packaging, they now use 13% less plastic, which represents an annual saving of 18 tons of this material. The eco-responsible approach that characterizes the development of the new Specific range also concerns the handling and the electrical energy consumed: more bags per pallet to reduce the number of loads, power by solar panels on the manufacturing sites…

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The whole is offered to you at perfectly studied prices so that you can give the best diet to your dog or cat, in accordance with medical recommendations. The new Specific range is, indeed, the most affordable on the veterinary market.”

More information on the Specific website by clicking here.”

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