Boy with heroic courage awarded by PETA, receives medal for saving dog from burning house!

In the United States, a man did not hesitate to risk his life to save an elderly and blind dog by entering the burning house where the latter lived. For his heroic act, the PETA association awarded him a prize.

On the morning of Tuesday, September 22, 2020, Joe Loduha was on his way to work when he noticed smoke coming out of a house in Wauwatosa , Wisconsin, Patch reports.

He then stopped and asked the neighbors if there was anyone in the house. The latter did not know. Finally, one of them reported to him that he thought he saw a dog inside. “ I didn’t want to go home without at least trying to save him, ” says Joe Loduha . The dog in question was, in fact, a senior blind female named Darma .

With an imposing physical constitution, the man managed to break down the front door, injuring his leg in the process. He came in shouting to warn any occupants. Finally, he saw the bitch who remained motionless . He carried her and took her out of the smoke-filled house to give her to a neighbor. He then went back inside to make sure there was no one else to rescue.

The fire was brought under control in less than half an hour. The house was largely damaged. Her owner, who was not at the scene at the time, arrived shortly after and warmly thanked her dog’s savior.

It is therefore for this courageous act that the PETA association paid tribute to Joe Loduha . She awarded him the Compassionate Action Award , symbolized by a certificate which was sent to him on Monday, September 28. A box of vegan cookies was also given to him.

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