Choose a carpet for his dog

Illustration : "Choisir un tapis pour son chien"

regardless of the dog’s type, shape or characteristics, sleeping is as important to the dog’s health as it is to the dog’s value. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the choice of this bed is carefully studied and meets the needs of the dog.

abstract “what qualities should a

” dog have?

dog pad has several functions: it is not only a place for dogs to rest and sleep, but also a shelter, exclusive space and main landmark for dogs. Its smell reassures and relaxes it because of its comfortable side and brings it much-needed comfort.

is very careful when choosing carpet or any other form of dog bed. It must have several characteristics, in addition to comfort and welcome animals.

quality that

dogs must possess, whether carpet, mat or mattress,

receives suggestions from woopets through a registered newsletter. I register your email address to be collected by woopets so that you can receive our news and business offers. To learn more about the carpet, it must first be comfortable: it must be thick enough to withstand the pressure of the animal’s body and make it feel well supported. The carpet should be soft enough to ensure comfort and rest. In addition, it is important that his joints should not be under the pressure of a too hard and thin bed, especially if he is an old dog or a large animal. The carpet must also be well isolated from the ground: when you sleep on the floor, the cold will be directly transmitted to your body, not to mention the discomfort it brings. These feelings are the same for our dog. Therefore, the bed must provide good insulation. The carpet must fit its size: the bed is too small compared to the size of a dog, forcing it to take an inappropriate posture and eventually causing it to wear. It must be large enough to allow it to move freely and change position. At the same time, it should not be too big, because dogs prefer protection in all directions. Many of them prefer to sleep in a safe place. The carpet must also be strong: it must be soft, but also resistant to dog wear, whether voluntary or involuntary. The impact of claws and teeth is not uncommon, and it is easy to damage the mattress. Especially because some dogs bite off anything that falls under their feet, including carpets. Carpets must be easy to maintain: This is another important standard. In order to protect the sanitation and health of animals and their surroundings, dog beds must be cleaned from time to time. Where to install? The

carpet should be placed in a quiet place to ensure that the dog’s rest is not disturbed. Passages (corridors, stairs, near doors…) should be avoided.

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the location should also be away from the air flow and allow him to observe what is happening around him without giving him the feeling of controlling his surroundings.

should also be avoided: under the furniture, because it may make a wrong response to a grumpy child or a slightly too provocative animal, which will harass its defense. “

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