A cat found in the pipes of a bridge mobilizes a boat and a fishing net to be saved!

A rescue team was deployed near a bridge to help a stray cat that was trapped under it. A delicate intervention, the feline having taken fright on seeing the boat. The emergency services did not just get him out of this bad patch.

In Florida, rescuers from a local county sheriff’s office rescued a cat trapped under a bridge, WCTV reported on Monday, July 12.

The rescue took place the same day, around 12:30 p.m. A passerby had heard meows coming from under the bridge at Saint George’s Island in Franklin County. The sheriff’s department immediately dispatched a boat rescue team to the scene.

Google Street View screenshot

The crew knew that, like any intervention involving animals, this mission promised to be somewhat complex. They quickly got confirmation when they arrived in the area.

The stray cat, who was stuck on the piping running under the bridge, panicked when he saw the boat approaching. He then jumped up and found himself struggling to keep his head above the waters of the Bay of? Apalachicola . Fortunately, he didn’t have to struggle for long. The rescuers reacted quickly by deploying a net, thanks to which they managed to recover it and hoist it on board.

The cat now has a family and a name

Back on dry land and out of danger, the cat has recovered from his mishap with his new family. It was, in fact, adopted soon after by an emergency call operator. The latter called him Patton , in reference to the other name of the bridge under which he was trapped: the Bryant Patton Memorial Bridge .

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Franklin County Sheriff’s Office

In addition, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office says it does not know how the animal got there. Most importantly, he is safe and sound and now has a loving home.


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