Supported by her assistance dog, this soldier with both legs amputated helps an amputated dog in turn!

A US Army veteran, a woman had to have both legs amputated. In the midst of a depression, she was able to count on the moral and physical support of her faithful dog. She regains a taste for life and also intends to give meaning to that of her little puppy, who will also have one less leg, by making him become a therapy dog. A great project.

In Lewiston , Maine ( US ), Christy Gardner continues to fight . A veteran of the American army , this woman is gradually regaining a taste for life. Still, she had something to waste away . Following an enemy attack, while on the foreign front , Christy lost both of her legs . A traumatic loss.

A donation of € 10,000

Now, Christy tries, by all means, to be indebted to Moxie . His moral health is improving. Every day, she fights, using prosthetics, to defend her place on the American veteran ice hockey team. A stress relief, a vital outlet. At the same time, she also takes care of Tiny Tim . A tiny Labrador she took under her wing.

A handicapped puppy at the level of one of its members. So she decided to go with him. She wants Tiny Tim to become a therapy dog , on which disabled children can rest, who feel as devastated as Christy could have been.

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First of all, Tiny Tim will have to go to the pool table . A surgical operation which will deprive him of one of his legs. The good news comes from the operation itself , which is estimated to cost € 10,000. Christy can count on an exceptional donation from a dog food company. Enough to allow Tiny Tim to start his new life.


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