Natural treatment of dog tick

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are essential to ensure that dogs are effectively protected from ticks, which can affect the health of dogs. In addition to synthetic products, there are natural anti tick agent solutions that can be prepared by ourselves.


Eliminate the effects of ticks on the health and well-being of dogs natural control of dog ticks chamomile and orange peel mosquito repellent formula white vinegar and lavender essential oil anti tick ACV as natural anti tick agent

How to eradicate ticks naturally? Here are some family solutions.

eliminate ticks for dog health and well-being

in addition to fleas, ticks are one of the external parasites of dogs. Their presence on animal skin is harmful to it in many ways.

this mite is bloodthirsty, which means it feeds on dog blood. The more ticks are infected, the weaker the body, especially due to anemia.

ticks bite, attach their rose red to the skin and suck away the host’s blood, which will cause itching, allergic reaction and skin inflammation.

But ticks do more harm to dogs than that; These parasites spread pathogens and lead to various diseases, some of which may even lead to the death of canines. Pirosis, Lyme disease and canine distemper are some of them.


are absolutely necessary to control ticks. This is usually achieved by using products provided by pharmacies. They come in different forms: spray, pipette, anti tick necklace, tablet…

tick control also includes regular inspection of dog hair and skin, especially after forest and rural outings. In fact, these parasites attach to tall grass and to any animal they can touch. If ticks are found on dogs, they can be removed with anti tick hooks without having to disinfect the bitten area.

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also has natural alternatives to synthetic ticks. These are family solutions based on plant components. Here are some recipes…

chamomile and orange peel mosquito repellent recipe

orange peel (lemon, orange or citrus) has a powerful mosquito repellent effect. It can be combined with the insecticidal properties of chamomile to obtain an effective and natural mixture against dog ticks.

just boil 1 liter of water, and then add ½ cups of Chamomile flowers and the same amount of citrus peel you choose.

Before closing and cooling, place the mixture in a low fire for 3 minutes. After filtration, apply it directly to the dog’s skin with a sprayer or clean cotton cloth.

white vinegar and lavender anti tick essential oil

white vinegar are also considered to be resistant to ticks and parasites. Real lavender essential oil can lead to the fatal paralysis of these mites. Pour 5 tablespoons of white vinegar and 15 drops of real lavender essential oil into a 1 / 4-liter spray bottle. Replenish with spring water.

and spray on the dog’s skin.

can also be used to control dog ticks.

vinegar is a natural anti tick

insecticide, and acetic acid in vinegar can be used to control dog ticks.

“Its purpose is very simple: mix it in 500ml spring water, soak a piece of cotton or gauze and apply it to the dog’s skin to avoid eyes and mucous membranes,”


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