This man travels around Mexico to rescue injured and sick dogs

Edgardo set himself a challenge 6 years ago: to go around his country, Mexico, to save as many injured or sick stray dogs as possible. An admirable man and history …

On Bored Panda , photographer Stuart Williams tells the incredible and moving story of a 49-year-old man who dedicates his life to stray dogs .

A few months ago, Williams was driving on a small road in Mazunte , in the state of Oaxaca (southern Mexico), when he attended a show that had a profound impact on him . A man was pushing an overloaded scooter surrounded by several dogs wagging their tails and barking merrily. Some were in the vehicle, while others were running after it.

This man is Edgardo . Six years ago, he embarked on an unprecedented journey : touring the Mexican coast and saving as many sick or injured stray dogs as possible. And he’s on his way to completing his challenge, having traveled nearly 14,000 km and only has 1,400 left.

This dog friend adopted 3 of them . They have been with him since the start of his adventure. As for the other canines, those he meets during his long journey on the roads, Edgardo gives them food and drink , looks after them , takes them to shelters and to veterinarians so that they can receive the necessary care.

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A Facebook page, entitled Edgardo SalvaPerros (understand “Edgardo saves the dogs”), is dedicated to him. For his part, Stuart Williams made a short report about him, which he published on his own Facebook page, The Yogi Photographer :


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