Treatment of dog tick

Illustration : "Le traitement des tiques chez le chien"

tick is a disease that should not be underestimated. They can not only pump out the blood of dogs, but also spread more or less serious diseases. Tick treatment is a necessary measure for more than one reason.


ticks, who are they? How do anti tick agents remove ticks from dogs?

although ticks mainly appear when sunny days come in spring or autumn, they appear all year round and pose a continuous threat to our dogs. These mites not only cause itching of our four legged friends, but also carry a series of pathogens that may lead to various diseases. Therefore, the prevention and control of ticks is very important for the health and well-being of our dogs. What products are trustworthy? There are various treatments, and the efficacy varies from dog to dog.

ticks, who are they?

tick is one of the main external parasites of dogs, together with fleas. They are tiny reddish brown mites whose abdomen increases with the filling of the host’s blood.

especially mites living on high grass, they will be alert to the passing of any animal that may become their food storage room. Dogs are one of their favorite “prey”. Once installed in one of them, they will attach to the skin and plant roses. Then they can start feeding on the animal’s blood and inject some kind of saliva. Mites transmit potential disease pathogens through it. Babesia canis is a pathogen causing pirosis. Lyme disease and Ehrlichia disease are also tick borne diseases. The health of


dogs is threatened because some of these diseases may affect important organs and functions and sometimes lead to death. Dogs infected with ticks also develop itching and allergies.

anti tick product

anti tick product is expected to have preventive effect, therapeutic effect, moisture resistance and durability.

There are several treatments with different efficacy levels:

receives suggestions from woopets through registered newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets, allowing you to receive our business news and offers. For example, to learn more about powder, ultrasound is used less and less, and most of them are ineffective. Sprays can produce good results, but their disadvantage is that they can’t bathe or bathe dogs for a certain period of time (usually 2 days). However, they can also treat dog environments: niches, beds, etc. amitraz or deltamethrin necklaces help prevent infection, but their effectiveness varies from animal to animal and model to model. Anti tick agents in the form of straws are also interesting. They are easy to use, but they must be used in the correct position (at the bottom of the neck, between the shoulder blades). In the case of severe infection, the effect cannot be guaranteed. As part of the latest anti tick drugs, the advantage of taste tablets and tablets is that they also have an effect on indoor parasites and fleas. The choice of

treatment will depend on several criteria, including the dog’s lifestyle: whether it is often exposed to humid environment and whether it mainly lives in humid environment.Similarly, a product may be effective for one dog and completely useless for another dog. Therefore, there are no predefined rules. Asking your veterinarian for advice can help you find the most appropriate treatment.


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remove ticks from dogs by itself?

you may find a small lump on your dog when stroking it. Usually, you can see small gray balls hanging on the dog’s skin. If you want to take it out, you only need a retractor. You can buy this instrument directly from your veterinarian. Then, the injection site should be disinfected with conventional products. Note: be careful for a few days after your dog is bitten by ticks. If you find abnormal fatigue, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite or even very dark urine, please consult your veterinarian to avoid the risk of pirosis. “

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