Take care of a blind dog

Illustration : "S'occuper d'un chien aveugle"

whether old or ill, many dogs will lose their visual ability and even completely blind in some cases. But for them, life doesn’t stop. Their strong adaptability helps them tide over the difficulties, but it is also necessary to make them easier and ensure that accidents are prevented.


the main cause of dog blindness. How to notice the blindness of dogs? How does it affect the dog’s life and help it every day? What are the reasons for the blindness of

dogs? What impact does this disability have on the survival of animals? How can we take care of and help him in our daily life? The following are some factors to answer these questions. The main causes of blindness in

dogs are the age and auxiliary diseases of

dogs. Partial or total blindness is one of the most common disabilities in dogs. There are many reasons why dogs are blind. The most common is

cataract: it is a partial or total lens opacity, a polycrystalline body located inside the eye. The crystal gradually became opaque. The blue veil covers your eyes and your dog can’t see. In the most serious cases, it may lead to complete blindness, but if it is detected and treated early, it can be treated (by surgery). Glaucoma: a degenerative disease of the optic nerve that causes the gradual loss of vision, starting from the periphery and gradually extending to the center of the eye. Uveitis: this eye disease corresponds to the inflammation of ultraviolet light, which is the middle area of the pigment of the eye. Lens dislocation: ligament rupture keeps the lens in place. The lens reflects light to the retina through the pupil. Retinal disease: it may be retinal detachment (separation of retina from ocular adventitia) or progressive retinal atrophy. Corneal opacity: the cornea is the transparent front of the eye and may be affected by ulcer, malnutrition or necrosis. If

suddenly appears or gradually worsens, all these diseases may make dogs blind. How does

pay attention to the blindness of dogs?

your dog will never complain about losing sight. Nevertheless, there are still some symptoms that can be seen and cause reactions. Kdspe receives suggestions from woopets by registering for a newsletter. I register your email address collected by woopets so that you can receive our news and business offers. Learn more about

your dog may hit several objects, furniture, chairs and people on the road. Your dog may have difficulty finding itself in space. Therefore, when he gets up from the niche, he may seem disoriented. The pressure increases gradually. In the street, she was frightened by a sound. His character may change, he may become afraid or even aggressive.

impact on dog life

of course, blindness also has an impact on dog life. Simply put, its impact depends on whether blindness is gradual, rapid, or even sudden. A dog that is blind in a short time, for example, due to trauma, will take longer to adapt to the new situation. On the other hand, an animal gradually losing its visual ability will have time to find its own direction, help itself find its direction from other senses (especially smell and hearing) and live an almost normal lifethat. In both cases, he will feel embarrassed every day, sometimes encounter obstacles, and may become afraid in some cases. How does

help him every day? The strong sense of smell, intelligence and responsiveness of

dogs enable them to adapt to blindness after a period of time. However, in order to avoid accidents and trauma, some simple measures can be taken to help him:

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remove objects that may pose a danger to animals. Don’t change the dog’s environment: the dog needs to find clues in the environment. For example, changing large furniture by moving it may destroy its stability. Fasten your seat belt when you walk. The noise outside will scare the dog and even drive it out. Associate voice commands with touch for understanding and guidance. Try to be with him more and comfort him. For example, you can extend the brushing time, which always strengthens the connection between the animal and the owner.

should be very careful when meeting another peer. If your dog can’t see it, any reaction may be inappropriate or harmful to his and his dog’s health. The same is true of others he doesn’t know. Your dog may change behavior because of blindness. If fear can overcome him or anxiety, he may be more vulnerable than in the past. Therefore, before any indecent practice, it is recommended to call him by his first name

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