Leg amputated war veteran shares how adopting his 3-legged German Shepherd changed his life (video)

They adored each other from the moment they met. A 3-legged dog and a former military man with a leg amputation have been best friends ever since the adoption of the canine at the shelter. His arrival in the life of the veteran completely changed her.

Dane Orozco and his dog Kane are inseparable. “ It goes with me wherever I go, ” said the 42-year-old veteran who lives in Los Angeles , California. The 2 friends have one thing in common; they are missing a member, as reported by the Daily Mail on Wednesday, September 15.

dane_kane_2021 / TikTok

He had found comfort in the dogs at a local shelter, which he had begun to visit on a regular basis. It allowed him to relive the happiness he had known when he had canines at home.

It was there that he had met Kane , an adorable German Shepherd whose right front paw was amputated after being hit by a car. It was love at first sight; Dane Orozco immediately understood that they were meant for each other and he decided to adopt him.

dane_kane_2021 / TikTok

A video posted on TikTok tells their wonderful story and shows the moment Dane Orozco and Kane step out of the shelter together to start their new life.

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dane_kane_2021 / TikTok

Many Internet users were moved by this story. Some even asked that we make a film of it.


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