17 adorable dogs who made their home in a bucket

For reasons unknown to us, some dogs have decided to inhabit the first bucket they come across in the house. As these photos show.

It is not possible to explain why some dogs abandon their beds and sofas in the living room to get into buckets. However, this phenomenon could be observed by many dog owners who testify.

Here are 17 photos of dogs who have chosen to land in buckets.

1. For this Labrador Retriever and Poodle cross, the blue bucket could be a reminder of the blue of the sea.

2. So that the life of this trio goes smoothly, their owners offered each their own basin.

3. A bucket that can act as a basket thanks to the arms that facilitate transport

4. This dog is trying to start a business in car washing

5. This Schnauzer only sticks his head out of his bucket when called.

6. After trying different buckets, his choice fell on this model which sports a little sophistication

7. This puppy will sneak where it can, even if it means taking the place of the eggs.

8. Even if he can only put 2 legs at a time, this dog is firmly determined to keep his bucket.

9. This short-haired Hungarian Pointer knows how to use his basin in these summer heat.

10. Quietly placed in his bucket and outside, ready to lavish as much wisdom as we ask him to.

11 For this dog, the bucket is multifunctional. Here it is serving as a deckchair for sunbathing

12. You will soon have to change your water

13. A bucket decorated with the star-spangled banner

14. While its owner is gardening, he observes it from his bucket

15. Playing with water, what could be more fun

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16. He will need a bigger bucket

17. 2 Golden Retriever puppies soaking in the garden


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