Vets fight to keep dog found in parking lot hungry and hypothermic alive

Discovered in critical condition, an abandoned dog struggles to survive with the help of volunteers and vets. Progress has been made, but the people who care for him remain vigilant, as he is still particularly vulnerable.

Last Friday (January 29) at midday, the Kentucky Human Society team made a sad discovery in the parking lot of the refuge , located in Louisville, Kentucky. A dog in very bad shape had just been abandoned there , reports WDRB.

Extremely thin , the canine, estimated to be 3 years old, was the victim of neglect and malnutrition . The members of the association even wondered how he had been able to survive in these conditions.

The volunteers, who called him Ethan , however, were determined to save him . This is shown in a video posted on Monday on the organization’s Facebook page. The skeletal animal had to be helped to stand on its feet , but its rescuers kept encouraging it .

In another more recent footage, we can see the little progress Ethan has made. If he still needs to be supported, he now seeks to lean on his paws to move forward.

A little better, but the dog is not saved yet

The dog is not yet out of the woods . He cannot eat on his own, even if he has a big appetite , which remains reassuring . While, given his size, he should weigh around 30 kilograms, he only displays 15 on the scale.

Vets cannot vaccinate him at this time because his immune system is too weak .

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Many people contacted the shelter with the aim of adopting her . However, Ethan won’t be ready for a while. He is still hospitalized , and must regain strength and gain weight.

All we’re trying to do right now is make sure he stays alive and can thrive, ” said Andrea Blair , spokesperson for the Kentucky Human Society .


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