KDOG project for breast cancer screening by dogs enters a new phase

Illustration : "Le projet KDOG de dépistage du cancer du sein par les chiens entre dans une nouvelle phase" Illustration photo

Supported by the Institut Curie in 2016 and initiated by Dr. Fromantin, the KDOG program has successfully passed the preliminary phase. It is about to start the second, that of clinical research. Always with the support of the SERIS group, since their partnership has just been renewed.”

4 years ago, institut Curie kicked off the KDOG project, dedicated to the early detection of breast cancer by specifically trained dogs. We were already talking about it at the time, when a fundraiser was organized in the spring of 2016 in order to raise the necessary funds for the acquisition of 2 specialized dogs, including a Belgian Malinois Shepherd named Thor.”

This is how the preliminary phase of the project, for which the scientific responsibility is ensured by Dr. Isabelle Fromantin, was launched. The results obtained at the end of this one were more than promising, with a rate of more than 90% success of identification of breast cancer by dogs.”

” The KDOG program is entering its 2nd phase: clinical research

Now, the KDOG program is entering the next stage, which is that of clinical research. It will consolidate the scientific basis of the process and make it recognized as a pre-screening test technique. The conclusions of this new phase are expected to be published in 2022.”

Canine odorology in the early detection of breast cancer raises great hopes. Dr. Fromantin’s idea is based on the ability of dogs to detect VOCs (volatile organic compounds) emitted by cancerous tumors very early. However, we know that the earlier a cancer is managed, the more the chances of recovery increase.” The aim of the KDOG project is also to facilitate access to screening in developing countries, with a major impact on the health of women around the world.”

From the outset, the program benefited from the support of SERIS (the first Independent French group in the market for the safety of goods and people), in the form of an innovative skills sponsorship. A partnership that has just been renewed for 2 years.”

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This announcement made on September 30, coincided with the beginning of Pink October, breast cancer screening awareness month.”

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