(Video) Confined because of the Covid-19, he walks his dog remotely using a drone

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Despite the almost generalized confinement all over the world because of the Covid-19, funny and original scenes are published daily on social networks. One of them comes to us from Israel where a resident saw fit to take his dog out in the street, accompanied by a drone!

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many states around the world to take drastic containment measures. Thus, in France , the decree of March 16, 2020 regulates travel in order to fight against the spread of the coronavirus . You can only leave under certain conditions by completing a derogatory certificate .

In Israel , Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has taken similar steps for his fellow citizens. The inhabitants were therefore asked to stay at home as much as possible. Even a dog walk is prohibited. Suddenly, an Israeli had a rather original idea to get around this rule without outlawing himself.

A video that has gone viral

An Israeli man walks his dog via drone (source: Facebook) pic.twitter.com/tLt5VVD94u

– Sam Sokol (@SamuelSokol) March 19, 2020

Her dog was able to get some fresh air. He was also kept on a leash , but not by a human. No, at the other end was a drone ! The video , which has gone viral, was posted on social networks by the person concerned.

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It is not certain that the dog’s owner has not had, since concerns with law enforcement officials. In the meantime, he will have allowed the whole world to laugh. And that doesn’t hurt …

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