When do you give his dog herbs?

What are the main indications for herbal treatment of Illustration : "Dans quels cas utiliser la phytothérapie pour son chien ?" and

dogs? Plants have more than one service for dogs. They help to improve the health and welfare of animals in various forms. Let’s look at…

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joint pain, digestive system problems, skin problems, stress, anxiety, external and internal parasites

dog herbal medicine has attracted more and more owners. Kdspe “joint pain”

with age, the dog’s activity begins to decline, because its joints also tend to age. Osteoarthritis and other diseases are becoming more and more serious. Therefore, animals need appropriate minerals and painkillers. In other words, painkillers.

most herbal care and joint health supplements for dogs are made from leaflets, licorice roots, blackcurrants or nettles.

digestive diseases

Dog herbs also have digestive effects. It helps reduce nausea, intestinal gas discomfort and diarrhea.

thistle, molasses and ginger have a good control over nausea, while blueberries are used to relieve diarrhea.

thyme and alchemille, They provide good results in case of dog swelling.

skin problem

gently takes care of dog skin, which can also be achieved by plants. For example, Badan solution takes advantage of its effects on bacteria and fungi threatening the skin.

the astringent effect of wild thinking, the disinfection properties of Calendula or the soothing effect of St. John’s wort (reducing burns) It is also valuable for dog skin problems.

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trauma, movement and many other events that can lead to stress and anxiety in dogs. Fortunately, some plants can relax it, especially when they spread.


include passion fruit and its anti anxiety and sedative effects. While calming, it helps animals get better sleep quality.

hawthorn, lavender and Calendula also have soothing effects.

external and internal parasites

, both external and internal, Parasites are looking for opportunities to infect and develop dogs. They not only bring inconvenience to animals, cause itching, plaque and digestive system disorder, but also are more and more dangerous to animal health. Fleas, ticks and worms can indeed carry a variety of more or less serious diseases. Unfortunately, some can lead to the death of dogs. Therefore, it is important to prevent the reproduction of these parasites. Similarly, herbal medicine provides a variety of solutions.


also read that the herbal medicine


for the treatment of dog osteoarthritis fight dog fleas, so you can use a mixture of essential oils: tea tree (tea tree), mahogany and chamomile. Of course, this mixture must be diluted like all essential oils because their concentration is very high. This solution can also repel ticks.

in terms of plant control of intestinal worms (worms), herbal solutions include:Fennel, licorice or pumpkin seeds

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