They create a kitty for the operation of their dog, hoping for a small participation. The scale of the mobilization leaves them speechless

Thanks to a great outpouring of solidarity, a dog with a lump could be operated on in time. His family had launched a kitty hoping to raise a few dozen euros, but the amount of donations far exceeded their expectations.

A young couple from Romilly-sur-Seine (10) was able to have their dog operated on thanks to a solidarity fund. The Auboise family was particularly touched by the contribution of the friend of the former owner of the animal, as reported by L’Est Eclair on Wednesday, July 28.

Eva and Jérôme Fischer , 21 and 25, are the happy parents of a 5 month old baby and owners of a dog called Hope . They had adopted the latter a year ago, after the tragic disappearance of his former mistress in a traffic accident.

Recently the Fischers noticed a lump in the quadruped’s hindquarters. She was seen by a veterinarian, who explained to them that Hope was suffering from an infection in the uterus that had spread to the ovaries. The situation could have been even more serious if it had reached the kidneys, but luckily it was not. However, it was necessary to operate urgently.

They expected to collect around fifty euros

A necessary intervention, but also expensive; 670 euros. An amount that the couple did not have, Jérôme having recently started on his own and Eva being on unpaid maternity leave. The dad then had the idea of creating a kitty on the Leetchi platform in the hope of raising around fifty euros, at most. Enough to help them finance Hope’s operation.

The amount of contributions pleasantly surprised them, exceeding 400 euros. Including 100 donated by the friend of the late India , a gesture that went straight to their hearts. In addition, the veterinarian accepted the payment in several installments. Hope was thus able to be operated on and saved. She is slowly recovering and is doing better and better.

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Jérôme Fischer spoke yesterday on Facebook to thank all the participants in the pot (which remains open) and to give news of Hope . She must return to the vet next Monday for a check-up and the removal of the stitches.


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