Father Christmas gives this young boy the best gift in the world

There is something magical about Christmas. Even more so when this period brings happiness to a 12-year-old boy who has fallen madly in love with a kitten. A surprise was organized so that the gift was perfect. Santa Claus himself even worked hard on it.

Austin Brooks is a 12 year old teenager who leads a perfectly normal life. A few weeks ago, however, the young boy was affected by a death in his family. Her cat unfortunately died . Despite his obvious sadness, Austin continued his one- time, volunteer work with the Humane Society in Genesee County, Michigan .

It is no coincidence that he goes there quite regularly, his mother being an employee . From then on, Austin helps him whenever he can with kindness and, above all, a touching look on the animals. He is never against a short walk with certain dogs.

After the death of his cat, Austin organized a yoga session with kittens put up for adoption. It was there that he fell in love with Gizzard . A black kitten that had caught the teenager’s eye.

A gift straight from Santa’s hands

His mother, Mari , was well aware of the happiness she would bring to her son by adopting him. So she put all her heart into it and, during the end of the year holiday season, she organized a sort of Christmas tree with a fictitious Santa Claus. The goal was above all to get together between employees and their families.

At that moment, the famous Santa Claus invited Austin to come pose with him and… Gizzard . He was then told the news: he became the proud owner of this kitten.

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Since then, as The Dodo points out, Gizzard and Austin have never left each other. “ He sleeps with him every night, ” says his mother. It was undoubtedly their most beautiful Christmas . To both.


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