Burglar arrested after being caught by the Maltese Bichon of a special forces veteran

NBC 2 Nebraska

While trying to rob a house, an individual had to give it up in the face of the determination of the master of the place and his vigilant dog. It was the latter who noticed the intrusion and warned its owner.”

She took care of those who love her. It holds a special place in my heart. She did a good job and I’m very proud of her,” James Harden told NBC 2 Nebraska as he recounted the incident at his Los Angeles home on Monday, March 29. She is her dog Angel, who is aptly named.” Kdspe”

Aged 69, James Harden is a veteran of the U.S. Army. He had served in the Special Forces during the Vietnam War. He and his wife had adopted the female Bichon Maltais about 2 years ago. She saved them in turn.”

On the morning of the facts, it was 5 o’clock when the 3-year-old dog, usually very calm, became extremely agitated and woke up her master by jumping on his chest. She then ran to the kitchen, then came back about thirty seconds later kicking and growling.”

” I protect her and she protects me

This is where the former soldier saw a figure in front of the room, heading towards the bathroom. While his wife was still asleep, James Harden went to the next room where he was hiding his gun, and then caught the burglar holding him in cheek.”

Determined to stop the assailant, he threatened to shoot him if he decided to make the slightest gesture. The 32-year-old had no choice but to comply. James Harden watched him until the police arrived, who arrested him.”

The owner of the premises does not know how the intruder managed to get in, while all the doors were locked. What he does know, however, is that his dog is a heroine who saved her family.”

I protect her and she protects me,” he said, still under the influence of emotion.”

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(Screenshot NBC 2 Nebraska)

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