Mall security guard bypasses settlement to help stray dogs

Guards at a shopping mall in the Philippines have learned to welcome the many stray dogs that show up in front of them. Food, attention, hugs… the doggies are more than happy to be taken care of.

All over the world, it is difficult , if not impossible , to take your dog to a shopping mall . The Philippines is somewhat different from the rule. The center of Cebu City is suitable for pets. On the other hand, stray dogs are not accepted, let alone tolerated.

Finally, except when they have the good idea to coax Danilo Reyeg , one of the guardians of the place. He has always been a dog lover. He also owns one, named Franci , as indicated by CDN Digital and The Dodo. Gretel Eleazar saw him and didn’t hesitate to take a picture of him, taking care of a visibly lost doggie.

Orders learned in front of the center!

Everyone hard at work

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Time has passed and Danilo and Gretel are now working together within the S aving Strays Cebu association to help these dogs. Thus, Micmic was taken care of by a veterinarian . Franci , for his part, will soon be sterilized


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