How about the guard at the pet store?

Illustration : "Comment se déroule une garde chez un pet-sitter ?" and

once the goalkeeper is selected and an agreement is reached, what is the specific performance? In other words, how does a pet nanny work?

executive summary

benefits of a pet nanny if you hire a pet nanny for daily visits, if you require a pet nanny to stay in your home, if you want to give your pet to a pet nanny Pet sitting is an emerging profession because France has a large number of pets, especially dogs, and people have been looking for the best way to take care of them in the absence of a few days. Benefits of

pet sitting

why do many owners of dogs, cats and other pets prefer pet sitting? Because sitting a pet is a personalized way of care. Different from the structure of holding dozens of dogs, the customer’s pets have received full attention from professionals. However, it should be noted that some pet nannies take care of multiple animals at the same time, but this number is not enough to prevent them from taking care of each animal correctly.

on the other hand, pet nannies choose because it allows dogs to take care of them at home, Stay at home so that you won’t lose your way. When he is at home, he keeps his own direction. Even if the absence of his master is still unpleasant to him, it will not be exacerbated by finding himself in an unknown place.

finally, the economic aspects of this choice are often put forward. Of course, the prices of pet nannies vary. This ranges from 10 to 12 euros per animal per day, doubling or even more. This depends on the size of the pet, the experience of the pet sitter, etc.

if you hire a pet sitter for daily visits, what is the procedure for the

pet sitter for daily visits?

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. Professionals and customers agree on the number of visits per day. According to the agreement, the pet mount will go to the pet owner’s home one or more times to provide food, brush teeth, walk, play, take the pet to the park, change sheepskin water, etc.

if you require the pet mount to stay in your home,

Pet sitters also work at night. In fact, his clients can let him settle down at home so that he can constantly monitor and take care of his pets.

this is a formula, of course, which means that there is a real trust relationship between the dog owner and the pet nanny. If you want to give your pet to the pet caregiver, you can give your pet to the pet caregiver. Pet sitters can keep animals in their homes. In this case, in addition to the requirements of holding CCAD (PET competency certificate), the standards related to pension activities must be observed. These standards are contained in Annexes I and II of the order of April 3, 2014 and fall within the scope of article r214-29 of the rural and marine fisheries law.


should also be understood as: what is the price of pet nannies?


pet nannies must comply withRegulations on animal space, safety and welfare.


are at home, so professionals are committed to taking care of dogs (or more dogs) as if they were in the owner’s home. It provides all normal services and ensures that all its needs (food, hygiene, games, etc.) are met, depending on the dog’s habitual schedule

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