A rescue dog honored at the Paris City Hall as part of the third edition of the Trophées des chiens héros

Firefighters 06 – SDIS 06

Some dogs, like Ebola, become real heroes for us bipeds. The Belgian Shepherd Tervueren, specialized in the search for buried and lost people, was honored at the Paris City Hall.”

Ebola, a rescue dog of the Departmental Fire and Rescue Service (SDIS 06) has left its mark on history. The imposing Belgian Shepherd Tervueren, a breed naturally focused on action and work, has intervened in the biggest disasters in the Alpes-Maritimes over the past 10 years.”

Collapse of part of the roof of a Carrefour hypermarket in Nice in 2012, crash of a mountain chalet in Isola in 2014, passage of storm Alex in 2020: Ebola is on all fronts. But according to CNews, one of the most striking anecdotes dates back to November 2019.”

At that time, storm Amélie caused much havoc, especially on the territory of Nice. An elderly resident was the victim of a landslide. After 22 hours of intense research, his body was discovered thanks to Ebola’s remarkable skills. The canid guided the rescue professionals through the rubble. The victim’s family invited the animal to the funeral, in order to pay tribute to his exemplary work.”

Firefighters 06 – SDIS 06 / Facebook

Ebola received the title of hero dog

This year, the brave Belgian Shepherd Tervueren was entitled to new honors. A jury gathered as part of the third edition of the Hero Dog Trophies. His goal? Analyze more than 120 files of heroic dogs and designate the winners.”

Firefighters 06 – SDIS 06 / Facebook

Behavior of the canine during the mission, risk-taking, respect for the rescued person, degree of education, relationship with his master are all elements that have been combed through.”

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Adocom-RP / Facebook

Ebola received the title of hero dog in the category civilian rescue dog. When you look at your exceptional CV, you can only understand and approve such an award. According to the SDIS website, the animal, whose bravery is long overdue, will soon end his career to enjoy a well-deserved retirement.”

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