Teenagers in front of juvenile judge after killing animals on educational farm

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Authors of a real massacre in an educational farm in Aube, 4 teenagers were indicted, then presented to the juvenile judge. Under the influence of alcohol and drugs, they fatally beat 14 animals and injured 3 others.

At the Leisure gîte in Méry-sur-Seine (10), which inaugurated its educational farm for children and the disabled a month ago, we are still in shock . 14 animals , including sheep , rabbits , chickens and ducks , died there after being severely beaten . 3 others suffered serious injuries. Among the victims, a sheep seriously injured in the cranial box had to be euthanized , as reported by Le Parisien .

The attack took place on the night of Monday to Sunday. The investigation by the gendarmerie quickly focused on a group of 4 adolescents aged 16 to 18. At the time of the events, they were taking part in an evening organized not far from the lodge by another young person who, on the other hand, was not involved in this massacre. It was he who provided the names of the people who attended his party.

According to testimonies collected by the soldiers, one of the defendants had slipped away during the evening, before coming back with very dirty clothes. The next morning, he and his 3 accomplices exchanged text messages in which they seemed to take the measure of the seriousness of their acts . These messages, the investigators were able to take cognizance of them by examining the cell phone of the person concerned, during the search carried out at the home of his parents on Tuesday morning. The latter also allowed them to find shoes with feathers .

In the educational farm, the gendarmes discovered empty beer cans and were able to take fingerprints. In addition to alcohol, adolescents are also said to have consumed narcotics . Armed with all this, the authorities presented the 4 young children to the judge on Thursday 1 August. The next day, they were indicted in particular for acts of cruelty to animals and theft and damage in assembly . One of them was placed in a closed educational center , while the other 3 are subject to judicial control .

For its part, the Leisure gîte in Méry-sur-Seine has launched a jackpot on the Leetchi platform. The donations he hopes to collect will be used to repopulate the educational farm and allow him to continue his activity with children.

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