20 before / after photos of dogs that have grown up!

Our friends the dogs grow up very quickly. Thanks to these before / after photos, we can see what great fellows they become in a short time.

In just a few months, dogs approach their adult size. So that when faced with a comparison between a photo of the puppy and the same dog a few months later, we can have the impression of dealing with 2 separate beings

Here are 20 before / after dog photos of dogs that grew up quickly.

1. A puppy that has almost reached full adult size within 6 months

2. At only 4 months old, this dog is already very strong

3. Little puppy will grow up big and strong

4. This Golden Retriever / Poodle cross turned impressive at the age of 8 months

5. This big fellow has come a long way from the day of his adoption until he was 2 years old

6. Small, he did not leave his master with a sole, he did not change his habits even after becoming so imposing

7. Soon this dog will be even bigger than his owner and he won’t be able to carry him like the puppy he was.

8. A Labrador cross who will soon blow out his first candle around a good cake

9. A 10-year-old friendship that saw the little boy grow as much as the dog.

10. The hugs are even more cozy between this dog and his beloved owner

11. Newfoundlanders are giants with a big heart

12. Such a tiny puppy who quadrupled in size in just 4 months

13. Just like this fur ball who did not wait to celebrate his first year to become so big

14. As tall as he can get, his owner will still hug him like when he was a puppy.

15. A brave dog with a strong and imposing appearance

16. This adorable dog has become so big that her mistress can no longer carry her.

17. Like a little puppy, he continues to ask his owner to carry him in his arms.

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18. This American Akita cross does not care about the weight he makes.

19. Every 2 months, this Pitbull doubles in volume

20. A dog still so young and yet so big


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