12 photos that prove the crazy charm of Dachshunds

The Dachshund is an enjoyable dog for many reasons. These photos illustrate how irresistible this dog is.

The Dachshund is a dog with a strong character and a lively intelligence. If he is suspicious of those he does not know, he is particularly fond of his owners and is above all very cute.

Here are 12 funny photos of a crazy charming Dachshund.

1. He refuses to hear that he is overweight and to sacrifice his daily snacks

2. 2 Dachshund sisters who seem to have a great passion for travel

3. The double chin does not worry him. He knows the extent of her beauty

4. A beautiful Dachshund puppy in the morning in his duvet

6. He poses well for the photo and even winks at us

7. An old Dachshund enjoys a late morning in bed with his owners

8. A lively and curious attitude for this healthy Dachshund

9. This dog exerts a lot of energy and exercises a lot with his owner, which can be seen through his musculature.

10. A puppy and his friend at the dawn of their blossoming friendship

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11. Dachshunds are sometimes quite lazy and temperamental. This one gets up late, in the company of his 2 favorite soft toys

12. He plays hide and seek as best he can while enjoying the flowers in the garden and the mildness of spring.

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