LAPSA review: why do owners love this dry food for cats and dogs and are even ready to recommend them?

Adopted by dog and cat owners, LAPSA kibbles reflect the brand that offers them. LAPSA reviews collected from thousands of consumers confirm their popularity.

Who better than the owners to judge the quality of the products ? The results of the customer satisfaction survey around the brand’s kibble give a precise idea in terms of LAPSA opinion .

LAPSA: more than 3000 consumer reviews evaluate 20 years of experience in the manufacture of premium quality kibble

LAPSA is a French brand specializing in dog and cat food . Its products are made in France and are exclusively distributed in pharmacies . A choice in line with a logic of excellence and strict compliance with health and safety standards, in the service of the well-being of companion animals. It is therefore not surprising that the LAPSA kibble opinions collected during the customer satisfaction survey are positive.

LAPSA is more than 20 years of experience in the manufacture of premium food for dogs and cats. The emphasis is on product quality and food safety : production centers located in France, BRC FOOD and IFS (International Food Standard) certified, very strict supplier specifications, constant verification of the product and process, control packaging.

Ranges for all dog and cat profiles

The LAPSA ranges of croquettes are adapted to the characteristics of dogs and cats: breed, lifestyle, age, health, etc. They are formulated under veterinary supervision and offer animal proteins with high digestibility . These come from meats of European origin and declared fit for human consumption.

Characterized by full traceability , these products scrupulously respect the instincts of dogs and cats, and their needs as carnivores ; the recipes incorporate a minimum of 72% and 50% animal protein. In addition, the texture of the croquettes is specially designed to promote the oral health of the animal.

LAPSA offers a classic physiological range , including products adapted to the specificities and life stages of each animal profile: puppy, adult of small, medium and large breed, senior, kitten, adult cat, sterilized cat, senior cat. Wet food (freshness sachets) is also available for felines.

At the same time, LAPSA offers a specific offer . The ONP (Particular Nutritional Objectives) range is intended for animals suffering from urinary disorders , obesity and digestive problems in particular.

Everything is associated with a very interesting loyalty policy: discount of 5 or 10 € on the first order, a product offered every 10 orders, discount on each animal’s birthday …

LAPSA kibble reviews: owners are adopting them

What, then, of the feelings of consumers vis-à-vis the brand’s products? LAPSA’s kibble reviews were surveyed during a lengthy customer satisfaction survey conducted by an independent research company, the results of which were recently revealed.

LAPSA’s kibble opinions were collected from more than 3,000 owners, invited to answer various questions relating not only to the impact of these products on the health and well-being of their dogs or cats, but also on their disposition to recommend them.

Among the responses of participants to this part of the survey:

  • LAPSA is really of good quality, it is the food of my second golden and I recommend it. Currently LAPSA puppy »

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Regarding the quality / price ratio , the LAPSA croquettes opinions are very positive because 92.2% of respondents gave our rating of between 7 and 10 .


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