Heroic man confronts anaconda to save his dog’s life (video)

A dog named Lion was attacked by a gigantic snake in São Paulo, Brazil. Her owner, Carlinhos, came to her rescue.

Lion was taking advantage of a puddle of water to drink, when a huge anaconda suddenly appeared. The snake has wrapped itself with all its might around its prey. When its owner, Carlinhos , saw the scene, it immediately sprang into action.

With the help of friends, he pulled the reptile out of the water and punched its body several times to let it go. Although their efforts paid off, Lion still wasn’t out of the woods. Once released from his grip, he remained unconscious. His attacker had taken care to strangle him … Carlinhos , courageous and dedicated, performed a cardiac massage until he came to himself. “ I thought I lost my dog, but thank goodness he’s here, ” the hero said.

After this attack, which occurred on July 31, he took his protégé to a veterinarian. Lion came away with a few injuries to his neck, ears and muzzle.

A week later, video of the attack was posted on Instagram.

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A snake measuring several meters long

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© Carlinhos Brasil / Instagram

The anaconda is a snake at ease both on land and in water, and which suffocates its opponent before swallowing it. Some specimens can reach 7 meters long. According to Daily Star , Lion came face to face with a yellow anaconda ( Eunectes notaeus ) or a green anaconda ( Eunectes murinus ).

Sometimes it happens that the dogs themselves put their own lives in danger to save the lives of their family members. A few weeks earlier in Alabama (United States), a heroic Cane Corso protected its owner from a poisonous snake during a ride. The canine saved her from a hospital stay.


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