Relieved at the idea of being taken care of by caring people, this stray dog no longer leaves the arms of rescuers

When the volunteers came to pick him up in the middle of the trash pile he lived in, the dog knew they were there to help him. He showed it by snuggling up to the one carrying him in his arms.

Stray Rescue of St. Louis is an animal welfare association which is based, as its name suggests, in Saint Louis in the State of Missouri (Midwestern United States). Last week, its members were called to intervene in an old abandoned house , where a stray dog had taken up residence.

As I Love My Dog So Much reports, the Boxer crusader had taken refuge in the garage of the abandoned property. The place was overrun with all kinds of garbage . Neighbors had, in fact, gotten into the habit of throwing in all the things they no longer needed. The dog itself seemed to have been abandoned .

The volunteers arrived on site and, as soon as he saw them, the canine started wagging his tail . He understood that they were there to tear him away from his ordeal . When one of the members of the Stray Rescue of St. Louis team carried it, the animal snuggled up against her and hid its muzzle under her arms , as if to better appreciate this moment of great tenderness in which he hadn’t had the right for a long time.

The dog, who they named Chowder , was taken to the vet , who prescribed a series of treatments for his eyes, various injuries, as well as irritation and swelling areas on his body.

Chowder seemed relatively fit and happy despite what he had been through. Stray Rescue of St. Louis is looking for a foster family for the dog, so that he can continue his convalescence in the best conditions. As soon as his health permits, he will be offered for adoption .

Here is his rescue in video :


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