Left to his own devices, a puppy waits for help to save his abandoned family in a fabric bag

No one knows who so cruelly left a bitch and her 4 puppies in a bag and in the middle of nowhere. Fortunately, this terrible ordeal is no more than a bad memory for the small family of canines, which was saved by charitable souls.

In Lagoa da Prata , in eastern Brazil, residents had discovered a dog and her cubs abandoned on a track. The 4 puppies and their mother had been placed in a bag , reports The Dodo . When Josiane Almeida , animal rescuer, and her husband learned about it, they quickly went to the scene and were shocked because they saw.

Josiane Almeida took them to her home. The dogs were thus given food and drink and were able to rest in complete safety. They then took them to a local vet who examined them. While the puppies were healthy , their parent had a malignant tumor that needed to be treated as soon as possible.

A fundraiser was organized and, thanks to donations, the necessary funds for chemotherapy were raised. The dog followed her first sessions and her morale was improving day by day. Her puppies will be offered for adoption as soon as they are deemed ready.

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