How do dogs communicate?

Illustration : "Comment le chien communique-t-il ?"

the dog doesn’t talk doesn’t mean it doesn’t communicate. How does it do this?


body and gesture communication through voice

dogs can exchange information with their owners, as well as with other creatures they encounter regularly or occasionally. To this end, he uses a variety of gestures and body postures, as well as voice signals. Understanding, identifying and explaining them is very important for the best communication between the owner and the dog.

body and gesture communication

in order to communicate, the dog uses a naturally available tool: the body. Through different postures and postures, he can express his emotions, emotions and expectations.

when he is happy, he will instinctively wag his tail. Generally speaking, under certain circumstances, the more happiness he feels, the crazier the swing of his tail. This is especially the case when he finds his master or the master is ready to throw the ball to him. However, you can also see the dog’s tail swinging when attacking.

the dog’s tail also allows it to express other things, such as fear or stress. The tail appendage between the hind legs clearly reflects a situation of fear or extreme anxiety.


dogs try to attract the owner’s attention and are busy doing other things. If the owner is hungry or just needs to spend some time, they can put their claws on the owner.

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“Other gestures and gestures are used to express obedience, or conversely, to express affirmation of peers. For example, a submissive dog may divert his eyes, lower his head, lie on his back or supine, bend his ears back, and retreat towards the person he considers supreme. On the other hand, he began to show his fangs and revolve around people he wanted to rule and intimidate. When the signal sent by the leader does not cause the expected response (obedience), the confrontation is almost inevitable, and the battle may break out soon.

voice communication

in addition to all the gestures it makes, the dog can also communicate through sound signals. “KDSPE”“KDSPS” Of course, there is barking, which is characteristic of canines. These barks can express various states of the dog according to their frequency and tone. When he is happy, he will bark, but when he is angry, he will also bark. He did so to intimidate his opponent and warn him to prepare for attack. He also barks to indicate waiting: he is hungry and wants his master to feed him. He needs to go out and express this desire to those who should take him out.


barks will also appear in the game. Then they expressed his excitement and enthusiasm. In the same game, Japanese, especially young people, will be pushed aside. They can be related to barking or replace barking.

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when a dog roars, it is to express dissatisfaction or embarrassment with people or other animals. He didn’t like her and issued a voice warning (roaring) to try to make her understand that if the embarrassing existence or attitude continued, her attack would be imminent. “E.

finally, howling clearly proves that dogs come down from wolves, which is not only a form of communication with peers, but also uncomfortable with unknown or unidentified sounds. This is why some dogs howl at Wolves when they hear someone singing. Kdspe

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