Questioned by a passerby in distress, a group of students rescues a dog trapped in quicksand

In Wales, high school students did not hesitate to dive into a thick pool of mud to rescue a dog that was trapped there. A witness immortalized the scene and posted images of it on social media, where he also paid tribute to these brave young people.

Hayley Edgar , 34, lives in Conwy , a coastal town in North Wales. She went to her children’s school to look for her 3 daughters. On their way home, they saw a dog struggling in quicksand bordering a small stream. His helpless and panicked owner tried in vain to encourage him to extricate himself from the mud by calling him by name, North Wales Live reports.

It was actually a female dog , a 10 year old female chocolate Labrador Retriever called Charlea . She was stuck up to the chest and her every move only made her situation worse.

Hayley Edgar and Gillian Traylor , the owner of the distressed animal, began to call for help . This is where a group of boys appeared . They immediately came to the rescue of the canine.

They then formed a human chain and thus managed to bring the dog back to dry land , to return her safe and sound to her owner.

Hayley Edgar photographed the rescue and shared the snap on Facebook saluting the bravery of these high school students. They returned home covered in mud , but happy to have saved a precious life and brought a smile back to a family.

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(Photo: Hayley Edgar)


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