17 dogs and cats with a unique physical detail

Dogs and cats are sometimes born with a sign that makes them distinctive. These photos illustrate their peculiarities.

Our pets are obviously unique to us. But some of them have physical traits that are really special. It could be a stain in a heart shape or an unusual muzzle.

Here are 17 photos of cats and dogs that are like no other.

1. A double muzzle for this shy-looking Chihuahua crossbreed

2. This Australian Shepherd has 2 colors on each iris, which is called a heterochromia

3. A Border Collie and Australian Cattle crossbreed who has a particularly beautiful coat

4. This cat has different colors on its pads

6. This one too has beautiful eyes that look like made up

7. This cat is all gray, except at the level of the muzzle

8. A cat always seems on appeal with its spot that looks like a microphone

9. This cat seems to have 3 levels of whiskers in the mouth.

10. A cat with freckles on his nose

11. This one has a little heart instead

12. The genes of this puppy did not know whether to form a dog with a white or black coat.

13. Perfect symmetry that can be seen when it is wrapped around itself

14. A Husky cross who appears to be wearing a face mask

15. The eyes of this cat are absolutely fascinating

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16. A kitten with infinite love messages

17. With his mustache-shaped spot, this cat seems to smile all the time


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