Win the dog’s love and trust in three steps

Illustration : "Gagner l'amour et la confiance de son chien en 3 étapes"

dogs are not the people you need to learn to love. It is natural for him to do so, because he is complete and sincere, whether in appreciating someone or something, or when he doesn’t like it. Let your dog companion love you, this is a lesson.


1 / 3. Make sure he / she is well integrated into your 2 / 3 family. Ensure his education and Study 3 / 3. Take good care of

. You can get rewards by giving love, respect, love and attention. Therefore, only by understanding it, taking care of it and taking time can you win the love of a dog. Here are 3 main steps to guide you…

1 / 3. Make sure it is perfectly integrated with your

1 series. Define your position and role. Like their ancestors, dogs need a good social organization in your family. At this point, it is the owner, so you must be able to let the dog understand that it has a complete position at home. Only in this way will he respect you and love you. Be a loving, caring and protective person to lead your family; This will reassure your pet that whatever happens will follow you.

2. Consistency and consistency. These are two key words. Your dog really wants you to act like a trustworthy person. He needs to feel that he is obeying you and respecting you, not falling into chaos. Maintain consistency and consistency, set insurmountable limits, maintain prohibitions (things that are not allowed on any day should not be tolerated in the future), and praise him for moving in the right direction.

3. Don’t neglect his social activities. Dogs must be able to come into contact with their own kind, other animals and humans. In this way, he can adapt to the existence of other creatures without becoming anxious because of meeting them. Socialization is a basic aspect of dog education. It largely determines his behavior.

2 / 3. Ensure his education and learning

1. Adjust your communication style. Use simple and clear language and posture to make your dog understand what you expect of him. Also learn how to decrypt his body language.

2. Teach him to obey basic orders. In order for your dog to show good behavior, you need to teach him some basic commands, such as “sit”, “lie”, “feet”, etc. at the same time, pay attention to correct his minor defects, such as stubbornness, fear or aggression, and firmly remind him to abide by the rules, But there is no cruelty.

3. Use a soft tone when talking to her. Your dog is sensitive to the tone of voice you talk to him. No matter what the content is, it will easily sense your happiness or anger according to your tone of voice and respond accordingly. Speak to her in a quiet voice and express your kindness and love.

4. Reward good behavior. Instead of punishing him, it is better to rely on positive forces to encourage him to take correct actions more effectively. Caress and hospitality are your best assets in the process of education. Therefore, your four legged friends will be happy to let you obey you happily.

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5. Keep him in order, but don’t punish him. Punishment can be counterproductive. If he does a stupid thing in front of you (it’s no use afterwards, because he won’t connect things), blame him with “no”(e) No screaming, no violence.

3 / 3. Be careful with

1. When he does well, be loving. Never let your dog lose your love, but know to give it at the right time: when its behavior is right. If you touch him and congratulate him when he has just done a stupid thing, you will only strengthen his feeling of moving in the right direction, which is not the case.

2. Put it on the caress. It’s no secret: dogs like to touch. Nothing can strengthen your accomplice more than this, because it is of great benefit to him. Just learn to make sure your animal likes to be touched and doesn’t like to be touched.

3. You can also bet on candy. They can not only promote her study, but also improve her interest in you. Dogs are not ungrateful, on the contrary. But be careful not to abuse it. The danger of obesity is never far away. Keep candy for education.

4. Share activities. Physical exercise is as good for you as your dog. Walking, jogging and other sports (agility, Frisbee dogs, etc.) can also help strengthen your connections.

5. Play with your dog. Taking time to share good times with your dog is crucial to his emotional balance. This will only increase his love for you. Don’t miss the chance to play with him.

6. Let him keep in touch with you. He needs you to get close to him and feel your warmth. He really wants to take a nap next to you, look at you, or just know that you are by his side.

7. Buy him some toys. For fun, stress, and boredom, your dog needs his own things. Chewing bones, bullets or any other suitable toy (pay attention to toxic substances and objects that may hurt or make him sick) is very suitable for him.

8. Cure his diet. What he eats is as good for his health as what he likes. When you eat it, you will get its love and gratitude more easily.

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9. Brush your teeth and comb. Your dog likes to be brushed. This effect is equivalent to touching and brings it as much happiness. This helps to maintain his hygiene and eliminate his dead hair. Brushing teeth and combing are also good opportunities for communication and collusion.

10. Scratch his stomach. This is also the treatment most dogs like. By the way, your back will let you understand.

11. Don’t hesitate to bow your head when you talk to him. Kneel or squat from time to time to reach his level and give him love.

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