12 dogs who give their owners a lovable helping hand

Our dog friends never refuse to lend a hand to their owner. These photos show them showing solidarity.

Dogs are our most loyal companions. It is enough to see how they seek to do well, to please us and to console us for no doubt. In the event of low morale or illness , they will always find the right gift to reinvigorate us.

Here are 12 photos of dogs doing their best to brighten up their owners’ daily lives.

1. Assembling a piece of furniture has never been easier than with the help of this dedicated assistant

2. He offers his owner a feather to wish him a good day.

3. This elderly bitch is no longer getting the attention she deserves, so she offers a leaf to everyone who comes to visit her. She does not let go of the sheet so that the visits last longer

4. This brave dog is the truffle champion. Today’s harvest breaks records

5. After a hard day, he spends his evenings in bed watching an old movie with his most faithful friend

6. When his owner comes home from work, he brings him his slippers to make sure he doesn’t come out again.

7. This Labrador brings his own treats to his owner when he is feeling sad.

8. In his owner’s law office, this Pitbull crusader brings all his comfort to clients who are feeling a little anxious.

9. When his owner is not at his best, this Basset Hound brings him his favorite toy to cheer him up.

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10. The number of pine cones offered by this dog to its owner is increasing day by day.

11. He wants to help water the plants.

12. Every morning, this dog offers an apple to the neighbor


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