Abandoned and tied to a chain, this resigned bitch was saved in extremis and finds a taste for life in a loving house

In Venezuela, an association rescued a dog who was shackled 24 hours a day and slept on the concrete. The animal’s ordeal ended thanks to the intervention of these volunteers. A new life has started for her.

In Cagua , a town in northern Venezuela, the Paws 4 Hope team had been alerted to a female dog used for guarding in an abandoned house living in deplorable conditions . It was the neighbors , worried about the abused canine, who informed the police and a local shelter , as reported by Animal Channel .

When the volunteers arrived on the scene, they were able to measure the extent of the ordeal that the dog in question was going through. The 4-year-old girl they later called Libre had only skin on her bones . She was on a staircase and was tied to a window day and night by a heavy chain . Libre did not have any form of sleeping ; she slept on the concrete steps.

The bitch was so hungry that when the members of Paws 4 Hope gave her food , she quickly gobbled her up and let her rescuers approach her without any fear. It was clear that he hadn’t been given food for a long time.

The chain hurt him terribly. The metal links had left a deep mark around the neck.

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Released , the dog was treated , then the association worked to find her a home . Libre didn’t have to wait long. Little by little, she is recovering from her long period of suffering in her new home , where she receives only love and attention .


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