The hilarious reaction of this dog who has trouble understanding that a new dog has arrived!

Kevin was the only dog in the house for 4 years, during which time his family only had eyes for him. The surprise arrival of a little brother was a tragedy for him.

Carleigh Johnson Stroup and her husband were the proud parents of Kevin , a dog they pampered so much that he came to believe their home was his kingdom.

Stroup tells Dodo how kind and affectionate their dog is. He adores his family and follows them everywhere . He is always next to one or the other as soon as they lie down.

Kevin was pampered as much as he wanted and he always wanted more.

Until one day things seemed to change. Indeed, a few weeks earlier, the Stroups decided that a newcomer to the family would not be refused. So they adopted Lyle , a puppy who was to become Kevin’s little brother.

But it was without discussing it with the latter and without his consent.

The Stroups filmed Kevin’s reaction to seeing his new baby brother. He seems to experience great disappointment and question his parents by asking them how and why they could have done this to him.

Since the new dog arrived at the house, Kevin’s peace of mind had been disturbed.

The puppy was for him synonymous with competition and adversity for those who would have the most affection from his owners.

Fortunately, the 2 dogs have learned to appreciate each other . Although the puppy immediately fell in love with his older brother, the latter took a little time to accept that he was no longer the only master on board.

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