Frightened by Man and the mistreatment he inflicted on him, this aggressive Pitbull transforms when he discovers love!

Manny wasn’t at all afraid to take charge of a Pitbull who didn’t trust anyone. It turned out that all this dog needed was love and care. The man has won his bet.

After countless back and forth between different families and the shelter , Pablo , a Pitbull dog , had lost all faith in humans . His aggressiveness and great mistrust of men were probably the consequences of past abuses .

For this kind of dog, the outcome is, unfortunately, very often euthanasia . A man named Manny , passionate about Pitbulls, knew however that he could help this canine which frightened more than one.

As the Animal Channel recounts, Manny had set out to change Pablo’s life and knew what needed to be done to help him overcome his fears . The risk of being attacked ? He thought about it sometimes, but all that mattered to him was saving this misunderstood and traumatized being .

At Manny’s , Pablo growled and barked at every approach, but the man was patient . He continued to give her affection . As a precaution, he made him wear a muzzle when he walked him around and tried to stroke him . At first, the hugs didn’t seem to calm him down, but one day the dog started wagging his tail upon receiving Manny’s petting.

Then he got into the habit of running towards him when he saw him, always wagging his tail. Pablo was also becoming more and more friendly towards his fellows . The change was well underway.

When the Pitbull got on his back to encourage his new master to stroke his stomach , the latter understood that he had won his bet . His dog now trusted him and asked for tenderness from him.

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After a month, the metamorphosis was complete . Pablo had nothing to do with the dog who was constantly on his guard and ready to do battle at any time. He was now a reassured , confident Pitbull enjoying all the joys that life would offer him. Manny is extremely proud of what he and Pablo have accomplished in a few weeks.


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