Sent to the scene of an accident, the bitch of the gendarmes sets out on the track of the motorist who has been missing for days

Almost a month after having saved a little boy of two and a half years, Jedï, dog of the Montauban gendarmes, found another missing person in Aveyron. This time, it is a septuagenarian victim of a road accident and not found for several days that the animal has located.

A motorist and her dog who have been missing for days after hitting a tree were found thanks to Jedï , a police dog, as reported by France Bleu on Tuesday, May 25.

The day before, the Gendarmerie de l’Aveyron published a search notice on its Facebook page. We learned that a car had just been discovered embedded in a tree in Sabin , in the town of Camboulazet (12).

The vehicle was empty, but the Rodez gendarmes were able to identify the owner; a 74-year-old lady living in Albi (81) and whose disappearance had been reported several days earlier by her family. She was accompanied by her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

A rescue operation was immediately organized, mobilizing around ten gendarmes from the Rodez brigade and a helicopter based in Egletons . The soldiers are joined by their colleagues from the Montauban dog team, including the brave Jedï .

The female German Shepherd is not long in distinguishing itself by its efficiency. Thrown on the trail of the missing person, she ends up finding her with her dog on difficult to access terrain, near the Viaur river.

The septuagenarian was hypothermic and passed out several times, but still alive. She was transported by helicopter to the emergency room at Rodez hospital.

Jedi had already signaled herself last month when she found a missing little boy

Jedi can be proud of her. His dog handler and the other gendarmes who also took part in the search. Thanks to them, 2 precious lives were saved.

A month earlier, on April 29, the dog had located a 2 and a half year old child who had disappeared in Rieupeyroux , still in Aveyron. She had followed in his footsteps after sniffing her blanket.

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