A new collection of accessories for dogs and cats in spring colors at Tom & Co

It’s definitely spring at Tom & Co, the brand specializing in food and products for pets. It is launching a new collection of accessories for dogs and cats geared towards outdoor activities, with nicely crafted materials, shapes and colors.

Tom & Co is launching Loop , a new exclusive spring-inspired collection for our 4-legged friends.

The brand specializes in products, services and party pet advice this year its 30th anniversary. Tom & Co has more than 170 stores in France, but also in Belgium and Luxembourg.

To celebrate the arrival of spring, the brand offers a variety of novelties for dogs and cats. Accessories that are practical, smart and design at the same time, specifically designed to please both users and their owners.

The items making up the Loop collection have been designed to allow pets to fully enjoy their moments spent outdoors. The emphasis is on materials dedicated to the outdoors, as well as ergonomic shapes and colors that are as dynamic as they are pleasant.

Practical, stylish and affordable accessories

The Loop collection, launched by Tom & Co , includes toys that dogs won’t resist, such as Frisbees, and beds that are both comfortable and practical. It also includes collars, harnesses, transport bags, mattresses, water dispensers or even raised aluminum beds.

Great care has been taken in textures and all aspects that make them smart, useful accessories and serving the animal’s well-being on a daily basis.

Everything is, in addition, offered by Tom & Co at very affordable prices: 2.49 euros for the frisbee, 7.99 euros for the Leaf water dispenser, 25.99 euros for the Kaori harness, 89.99 euros for the foldable cushion …

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The new Loop spring collection from Tom & Co can be discovered by clicking here.


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