In love with his dog, F1 driver Lewis Hamilton defends the benefits of an entirely vegan diet!

Lewis Hamilton / Instagram

Mourning the loss of his dog Coco, which occurred a month and a half ago, Lewis Hamilton takes care of his other dog Roscoe, whose diet he has also totally changed. The English Bulldog has, in fact, become vegan like his master. The F1 driver defends this choice by asserting that it has benefits for the animal.

Veganism corresponds to the refusal to consume any product of animal origin , coming from the exploitation of animals and having required tests on them. This therefore concerns not only food , but also certain clothing , cosmetics and medicines . A way of life embraced by Lewis Hamilton , the famous British Formula 1 driver.

At 35, the six-time world champion has also decided to “convert” his dog to veganism. The diet of his English Bulldog Roscoe therefore no longer includes meat, nor other foods of animal origin. According to his owner, it would have done him a lot of good .

As reported by the Daily Star , Roscoe would feel better since his change of diet: “ His hair is much softer, his paws have become less swollen […] . He no longer limps because of the pain associated with osteoarthritis and his breathing has improved ”. Lewis Hamilton says he is “ super happy with the result ”.

Many veterinarians and specialists in the canine world believe that depriving dogs of meat and other animal foods (especially offal) is a mistake , because they contain essential nutrients that are not found in plants. .

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Coming back to Lewis Hamilton , he also spoke of the tragic death of his other English Bulldog, a female called Coco . In mid-June, she had succumbed to a heart attack . The Mercedes racing driver tried to save her, without success. He had announced his death on Instagram.

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