Crowd of hikers witness the rescue of a dog that fell from a 9-meter cliff

A fall of a dog near Durdle Door, a natural arch formed on a coast in Dorset County in England, caused a lot of commotion. The marchers witnessed the rescue operation launched by local authorities.

Walking along the edge of a cliff with your pet in the wild is very risky. The owners of Milo , a sandy-coated Labrador Retriever, can attest to this.

Their outing near Durdle Door could have been enjoyable. Unfortunately, their dog had a terrible accident.

Milo was the victim of a 9-meter fall, leaving his family in agony. Luckily, a rescue team was circulating nearby to help search for a missing person, Dorset Echo reports. Members of the group were diverted from their goal to rescue the canine.

© Kimmeridge Coastguard

A thunderous applause for the rescuers

When rescuers arrived at the scene of the tragedy, a crowd of concerned passers-by had gathered. They witnessed the delicate rescue operation.

© Kimmeridge Coastguard

The professionals used a rope to reach the dog. After using tasty treats and gaining his trust, they gently placed Milo in a bag. His rescuers then returned him safely to his masters, relieved to find him unharmed, despite this agonizing ordeal.

The rescuers received a thunderous applause from the spectators, who did not take their eyes off the intervention for a single second. Once their mission was accomplished, they quickly left.

© Kimmeridge Coastguard

Local authorities have again advised owners to keep their 4-legged companions on a leash on the edge of a cliff, to prevent such accidents from happening.


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