Trapped by a wild wolf, the reaction of this dog has defied all the expectations of its owner! (video)

An improbable friendship is born between a dog and a wolf. Quickly, a whole community of men and dogs formed around the wolf.

In Juneau , Alaska, reports National Geographic , a wildlife photographer settled in 2003 with his wife Sherrie and Labrador Dakotah . The trio enjoyed the calm of the natural landscapes they explored on a daily basis, until one day a wolf showed up in front of their house. Wanting to see what was going on, Nick and Dakotah ventured near the animal. Carefully, Nick restrained Dakotah by her collar lest the wolf attack him if she moves in his direction.

But the man did not imagine that what would ensue would be an instantaneous love at first sight between the 2 animals. Immediately, the wolf and the bitch began to play together .

The friendship between the 2 animals has endured. The wolf came almost every day to stand in front of his friend’s house, waiting for her to go out and play with him.

Soon word spread and dozens and hundreds of pet owners in Juneau flocked to the dog-friendly wolf. The first few encounters were always a source of worry for the dog handlers, but the tension quickly eased and confidence built up.

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Unfortunately for the wolf, his life came to an end when a hunter shot him down . However, he will have lived 8 years, against 3 years at most as a rule for wolves.


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