13 dogs getting ready for summer

Our dog friends are currently preparing for the summer. These photos illustrate how each of them does it.

Like their owners, dogs love to bask in the sun, on a hammock, by the pool. They also like sources of fresh air like air conditioners in cars or in homes. Thus, our pets are prepared to face the summer heat.

Here are 13 photos of dogs getting ready for summer.

1. Lying on his hammock, this Golden Retriever could not hold out any longer before falling asleep.

2. Suck on an ice cube to cool off during the summer, when ice creams and sorbets are still being prepared and we are impatient by nature.

3. This Husky has a large block of ice which he uses more as a personal air conditioner.

4. An inflatable pool will delight the whole family during the summer season

5. This dog spotted the source of cool air in the car and just stuck to it

6. A swim in the cool water and the day is officially successful

7. This puppy saw that he could fit perfectly into the cooler and decided to convert it into a personal swimming pool.

8. These 2 Pitbull friends are used to spending their summer days in the garden.

9. The days spent by the pool and in the sun should be punctuated with cold showers to refresh our dog friends.

10. A dream vacation for this dog in love with the sea

11. If food has the right to be refrigerated in the refrigerator, it can also do so.

12. Small bites of watermelon to quench your thirst

13. This French Bulldog confused the mud with the water of the river


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