19 puppies and dogs held in undignified conditions. The SPA intervenes and takes radical measures

SPA of Lyon

The SPA of Lyon has rescued about twenty neglected dogs in an Aindian property. Animals, of various breeds and ages, lived in appalling conditions.”

It is at the home of an owner overwhelmed by the situation and unable to properly take care of his animals that the SPA of Lyon and the gendarmes of the brigade of Villars-les-Dombes intervened nearly 2 weeks ago, to save 19 dogs, reported yesterday 20 Minutes.”

The media relays a tweet posted the day before by the association, including a detailed statement of the facts published on its website.”

#Sauvetage 19 dogs held in poor conditions were rescued by the #SPAdeLyon, assisted by the gendarmerie of Villars-les-Dombes (#Ain). All were entrusted to the SPA of Brignais. The association filed a complaint. ???? https://t.co/qBNX3wwcP1#MaltraitanceAnimale

— SPA de Lyon (SPALyon) March 1, 2021

We learn that the team of the LYON SPA have obtained from the master of the dogs in question the signature of their definitive abandonment in favor of the organization. They were then transferred, almost entirely, to the refuge of Brignais (69). As will soon be several hens also discovered on the spot. 2 of the dogs were taken care of by the shelter of Dompierre-sur-Veyle in the Ain.”

” Living conditions contrary to the essential needs of an animal

Canids that were kept in poor conditions in this house in Saint-Paul-de-Varax (01). Local residents had complained to the mayor of the commune, who in turn had raised the alarm.”

If they did not bear traces of violence, the dogs were victims of abuse, since they did not have adequate shelter, water or food. They lived in old makeshift structures […] contrary to the basic needs of an animal. Precarious places, without light, without air renewal.”

The quadrupeds evolved in the middle of their droppings and did not benefit from any form of maintenance. Of various ages, ranging from 3 months to 10 years, they belong to various breeds: Dachshunds, Griffons Korthals, cross Griffons…

A complaint filed by the SPA, which however takes into account the difficult situation of the owner

The site of the SPA of Lyon indicates, moreover, that the property had been the scene of a fire last October. An incident in which at least one dog lost his life.”

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All the animals were examined by veterinarians. In addition to their thinness and fearful attitude, dogs also suffer from shortcomings in socialization. The SPA has been working to remedy this ever since. She filed a complaint, while saying that she did not want to burden the perpetrator, given his difficult situation.”

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