18 funny photos of dogs behaving like cats

Our dog friends make us laugh when they think of themselves as their feline companions. As can be seen in these photos.

Dogs have their own personalities, but they are not against the idea of imitating their owners or, possibly, cats. Indeed, a dog who cohabits with one or more cats can be influenced by them and start to act like them. To the delight of their owners who find it hilarious.

Here are 18 photos of dogs who think they are cats.

1. These cats have just noticed the presence of a new member in the cat tree club

2. Sleeping on narrow ramps and counters is not a dog’s habit.

3. A very beautiful family portrait illustrating the harmonious cohabitation between a cat and his 2 friends, the dog and the puppy.

4. The Welsh Corgi Pembroke are also in the cardboard box fashion

5. When we have a dog and cats at home, the first will imitate the other 2

6. This dog is firmly convinced that he belongs to the feline family

7. A Pitbull who thinks he’s as clever as a cat

8. The trend is spreading more and more among the dog community

9. This dog gets into the water in pursuit of the fish

10. This dog was clearly influenced by the cats he grew up with

11. This dog has a habit of standing on the fence. This gives the impression to passers-by that he is stuck and they come to rescue him. So its owners decided to hang a sign warning that the dog just likes to sit down and admire the view.

12. A cat will not be as annoying as a dog on the desk, but that does not apply to this German Shepherd who is not a dog, obviously.

13. A large Labrador Retriever peering out the window like a cat

14. Cats are the ones who usually have the opportunity to make use of every corner of the house thanks to their small size.

15. Here are 2 dogs who have followed the lessons of cats very well

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16. 2 dogs and 2 cats living under the same roof and equitably sharing the cat tree

17. The dog thinks he also gave birth to this kitten

18. To each his own shelf so that the cohabitation goes as well as possible


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