A woman loses a finger while trying to protect her dog, attacked by 2 others

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The dog of a resident of Saint-Avold was taken to task by 2 of her congeners while she was walking him on Sunday evening. While trying to protect him, she had part of her little finger torn off. Their owner did not even bother to call for help.

A lost finger , 15 days of ITT and a huge fright. This is what a Mosellane was right last Sunday (December 1) in Saint-Avold (57), as reported by Le Républicain Lorrain.

That evening, according to the account given by her husband, the victim was walking her dog, an Australian Shepherd , on the side of the Oderfang forest , not far from her home. She had taken good care to keep her animal on a leash . This was not the case with 2 of the 3 dogs of a man who was also in the area and whom she had seen a few moments before the incident, without however worrying about it.

The 2 canines in question, one of medium size and the other smaller , nevertheless rushed on his to attack him . Fearing for her mate, she tried to protect him , but thus exposed her hand to their jaws. She couldn’t avoid being bitten . A phalanx of the little finger of his right hand was torn off

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Panicked, she asked the owner of the 2 dogs to call for help , but he did not and she had to resolve to take care of it herself, despite the pain. The Saint-Avold firefighters arrived and took her to the hospital . The Australian Shepherd is safe and sound .

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